Independent Verification and Validation

Trilogy's Subject Matter Expert provided Independent Verification and Validation of this significant deployment effort of a new Financial Information System for the U.S. EPA. The new system required complete reliance on the selected COTS solution’s ability to support EPA’s financial requirements and compliance with established policies and procedures.


It was therefore critical that extensive system testing be performed and validated by a knowledgeable independent entity, in addition to Government subject matter experts to ensure that the new system worked properly and to facilitate an orderly transition.

Trilogy provided a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Federal Financial Systems to which EPA was migrating. Our SME performed an Independent Verification and Validation of each test in the system testing phase of the project guiding EPA System Testing Management to require enhancement or retesting where needed from the COTS provider.  Trilogy’s reviewed all test results and provided feedback to management as to the completeness and thoroughness of the requirements validation and system test.  Potential risks were identified and suggested additional areas for further testing and correction were proposed. 

 Objectives Satisfied:

 The work performed by Trilogy ensured that the testing plan was consistent with EPA policy and Federal Accounting Standards and that all requirements were tested during the system test.  Further, Trilogy’s SME reviewed the system execution for potential risks and validated all test results.

A final report with specific testing results, recommendations and analysis was provided for the EPA to take forward into the next phase of the project.