Moving a Data Center in the US and coordinating it through headquarters in another continent is not easy. Trilogy's Project Manager worked with the  Data center Manager in Europe and orchestrated the migration and consolidation across three different continents including the US, Europe and South America.  Trilogy was in the lead role for both new and old data-centers in allowing engineering staff the ability to utilize both data centers while building new QA and production environments in parallel.

Trilogy's Subject Matter Expert provided Independent Verification and Validation of this significant deployment effort of a new Financial Information System for the U.S. EPA. The new system required complete reliance on the selected COTS solution’s ability to support EPA’s financial requirements and compliance with established policies and procedures.

Trilogy's lead role in the  Web Development Project for the Maryland State Government helped provide an online tax filing system for Maryland State tax.  This new web based online tax filing system simplified the filing process for businesses and decreased the data entry and error processing costs for the State.  It also resulted in postal cost savings for pre-printed coupons mailed to filers each tax period. 

Trilogy provided critical java development support for this software engineering project involving the integration of a COTS solution for the development, enhancement and implementation of a Document Composition Solution. The Electronic Claim Filing (ECF) application for insurance adjusters at our client, a large insurance company  eliminates the need for a paper file system and maintains records electronically. An additional solution was developed to integrate the ECF to write various documents to its customers.