State of Maryland eGov

Trilogy's lead role in the  Web Development Project for the Maryland State Government helped provide an online tax filing system for Maryland State tax.  This new web based online tax filing system simplified the filing process for businesses and decreased the data entry and error processing costs for the State.  It also resulted in postal cost savings for pre-printed coupons mailed to filers each tax period. 


  The web application allows taxpayers to enter and submit their tax return information (including payment information) online. The application will edit/validate the return when the user submits the data. The data is transferred between the mainframe and the new web front-end tax application. The system will allow authenticated users to file returns monthly, quarterly, seasonally, semi-annually or annually and allow full payments, partial payments or future dated payments.  The Tax system is a web application, based on a 3-tiered software architecture.

Trilogy’s advanced technology application developer gathered requirements, drafted functional requirements and technical design document and completed development and appliaction testing. 

Objectives Satisfied:

The end result was an online tax service center for businesses to file their tax returns saving time and cost to the State.